Keeping You Safe

By partnering with UK cyber security experts, Melius Cyber, we’re at the forefront of keeping you safe and your business and data secure.

Melius Cyber and Reach Aware are aligned in approach and values. We both prioritise delivering high quality services that place the client front and centre. And we want to make sure you have clarity on why we make the decisions and recommendations that we do — it’s important you understand the threats and risks to your own business and it’s vital we provide the right solutions at the right time that work for you.

Data has fast become the most valuable commodity in the world. Harnessed properly, it has the potential to drive innovation, propel economic growth, improve customer experience, and streamline operations. Its significance and value is only set to increase. You can’t afford to take any chances with the data you hold and it’s clear that you need to be the one in control.

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How Do We Keep You Safe?

High quality safety and security are critical to your ongoing development and maintenance. Our partnership with Melius Cyber gives you the best possible protection and levels of expertise to keep you safe, secure and in control — at all times.

There’s a raft of measures we can put in place according to your sector, size of business, level of risk and the systems you use. Actions can include:

Ongoing Vulnerability Monitoring

Monitoring for vulnerabilities on a daily basis means we see weaknesses as soon as they appear and deal with them quickly and efficiently, gaining a real-time risk profile of your systems. We’ll prioritise any weaknesses according to severity and help you effectively manage the risk with minimum fuss. Monitoring in this way keeps you proactive before a problem starts, rather than reactive after the fact, and means you’ll always have a clear picture of your systems’ “live” level of security.

Ongoing Critical Development

Being aware of any security issues and weaknesses means we can respond immediately with appropriate measures to keep you running at exactly where you need to be. We’ll patch where required, carry out any necessary code changes and modifications to dispense with flaws, and make any required network adjustments to ensure your systems are always running in the most up to date way to keep them safe and secure.

Ongoing Defence

Ransomware is the most acute cyber threat facing UK organisations and businesses today and the increasing use of AI is escalating the risk every day. Our defence means there will always be a copy of your data safely kept away from any impending threat. If the worst does happen, you can be reassured that your essential data will be safe and you’ll be able to carry on business as usual.