Flexible IT Outsourcing

Reach Aware's talented experts offer fully flexible IT Support and extra capacity when you need it. Our IT outsourcing can help your business operate more efficiently and reduce costs with our bespoke digital solutions

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Scalable bespoke digital solutions can help your dusiness to operate more efficiently, reduce outgoings, avoid costly mistakes, and so much more.

You'll have full support from initial concept to delivery, and beyond. Just tell us the challenge you need to overcome, and we can help you to find the perfect solution.

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Whether you're at capacity and need additional support in your existing team, or you're missing a vital skillset, our Remote Teams have got you covered.

We cover short and medium term projects, and provide fully flexible teams to meet your evolving needs.

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Existing Systems Support

From updates that make an older system compatible with new technology, to a full overhaul that makes it more secure, or even adding new functionality to reflect changes in your business… We can help with all of that.

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance packages for existing systems.

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IT Consultancy

As businesses begin to rely more heavily on technology, it's becoming more common for existing knowledge and skills to fall behind, often resulting in companies spending money unnecessarily on costly solutions.

Reach Aware can help you make strategic choices about your IT, making sure you get maximum efficiency for your budget, reduce your bottom line, and increase your profits.

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What makes us special?

Face to Face service

One of the things that our clients love is our face to face service.

You'll have access to a dedicated tech lead who can visit you when you need them.

This personal touch allows us to build stronger relationships with your inhouse team, understand your business better, and work perfectly in sync with your needs.

Flexible teams

Whether you need designers, architects, developers, testers, or a mix of different specialties, Reach Aware has the talent you need. That means no more lengthy and expensive recruitment processes.

Our established team is ready and waiting to make your life easier.

What's more, you'll have full flexibility throughout your contract, meaning you can swap team members along the way to meet the changing needs of your project.

Because we don't think you should have to pay for people you're not using.

Offshore skills

We keep costs low and quality high by employing our own team of talented offshore experts, as well as an experienced team right here in the UK.

Every project is managed in the UK, but you have the option to reduce costs by choosing what proportion (if any) of your team is made up of offshore talent.

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We would love to find out about what you need and how we can help.

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