PAM Group's 500+ employees, largely made up of clinical support staff, manage a huge range of services, from psychological support and physio solutions to rehabilitation for long covid and absence management services. With clients such as Asda and the Department for Work and Pensions, PAM Group's services support around 700,000 employees across the UK.

Covid brought with it immediate challenges for PAM Group around service delivery due to a sudden uptick in demand and a huge amount of pressure on their services. They needed an expansion of their development team to ensure safety and flexibility was built into their systems in such a rapidly evolving landscape. They also needed to be confident they could cope with the demand.

The relationship we’ve built with PAM Group since we first started working with them in 2018, coupled with our ability to work with their various iterations of technology and the flexibility we have built into our own team, made us the natural choice to help them through this unprecedented period of evolution and growth.

I would absolutely recommend Reach Aware. Not only are they incredibly agile but they also really understand, in detail, what we do and our operational challenges as a business. In the six years we’ve been working with them, they’ve often gone above and beyond.

Lee Kingshott, CTO of PAM Group

What did we do?

We essentially became an extension of the PAM Group team. By drawing on the expertise and skills of Reach Aware, we were able to assign a technical lead to ensure all of PAM Group’s needs were properly managed. We then built a dedicated, agile team that could be scaled up or down at short notice and which was within an affordable budget. This meant that PAM Group only ever paid for what they needed and always had the capacity they required.

We invited PAM Group’s team to join morning stand-ups and gave them access to all communications about their projects. This meant they had full knowledge and oversight of how we were working with them and they retained control at all times.

The Result

  • Recruiting internally simply wasn’t an option for PAM Group during this challenging period. The demands of the pandemic meant that developers’ remuneration increased significantly and their availability for permanent employment was scarce. We were able to meet PAM Group’s resource need without additional admin or punitive financial implications for them.
  • By approaching the challenges PAM Group faced as their partner, rather than as one of their suppliers, we were able to provide the reliability, stability and reassurance they really needed.
  • PAM Group’s team were able to maintain the high levels of service their clients were used to. This meant they maintained a smooth-running service and could further grow the business at a time when the rest of the industry was experiencing turbulence.

We needed a team that would understand and have the in-depth knowledge to work effectively with our mix of old and new technology. Reach Aware absolutely were that team and we continue to be delighted with their level of knowledge and expertise. We’ve grown together as organisations and we’re looking forward to a long and continued relationship with them. They always focus on what’s important to the customer.

Lee Kingshott, CTO of PAM Group