With a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and food-related pollution, their focus on reusable and compostable packaging makes them stand out from the competition and means they’re growing fast.

Coping with that success was one of the primary reasons we were asked to help The Modern Milkman in a period of rapid expansion. They needed extra capacity on their team so they could continue to scale and ensure their systems could deal with the ever-increasing demand. And they were savvy enough to know outrunning the growth by significantly increasing internal resource probably wasn’t a sensible plan.

They already had a great product and a great plan. We gave them the peace of mind of trustworthy delivery, a secure understanding of their business as a whole, and a high level of security that protects fast-growing capacity.

Reach Aware helped deliver the design of our system that supported significant growth. We look forward to continuing the relationship and would like them to work with our in-house team to further drive the business forward.

Simon Mellin, CEO of The Modern Milkman

What did we do?

  • Immediately provided a team of developers to comprehensively tackle the API and databases.
  • We got to know and understand their business in depth. We knew that just understanding the technology in isolation would mean they’d potentially miss out on the comprehensive and holistic approach that is essential during a period of high growth.
  • Initiated additional testing capacity to ensure secure transformation dovetailed with expertise in integration and functional testing.
  • Ensured security yet flexibility in their systems to support the continued fast-paced growth we could see they would experience. Not ensuring this would have impacted on their ability to expand and, as a consequence, their brand reputation.

The Result

  • Accelerated growth for The Modern Milkman. They’ve seen hyper expansion of their business, allowing them to grow their team and set ambitious business targets.
  • They’ve achieved multi-million-pound investment into the business in part because of the technical robustness, security and future-ready nature of their product.
  • Greater functionality has meant a more elegant user experience for their customers and enabled them to compete on a level playing field with more established players.