FMI works with drivers and businesses worldwide and their predictive, proprietary algorithms monitor and detect the early signs of vehicle-operator fatigue.

FMI approached Reach Aware after they had been let down by their previous partners. The set-back left them angry, frustrated and without a product. They have a clear vision for the future of their industry and wanted to work with a company that could help them realise that vision — a company they could trust to deliver what they needed.

They chose Reach Aware because they needed a reliable, forward-thinking partner with advanced technical expertise.

Because of Reach Aware, we now have the product we always wanted and we’ve gained an ongoing partnership and friendship, too!

Ian Thomas, CEO of FMI

What did we do?

  • Invested time in getting to grips with FMI’s vision. We then translated it into a project consisting of clear and deliverable milestones.
  • Created a mobile app that allowed users to monitor their fitness for work and supervisors to record actions taken in real time.
  • Redeveloped FMI’s existing web-based solution.
  • Designed a series of common APIs (application programming interfaces). This allowed the backend dashboard and reporting tools we created to more elegantly integrate FMI’s in-house applications and third-party applications.

The Result

  • Fatigue Management International have been accepted as suppliers of government projects in the UK and Australia’s rail and logistics sectors.
  • The mobile products we developed have acted as a proof-of-concept for FMI’s technology.
  • Our redevelopment of the existing web-based solution modernised the platform, making it more robust and better suited to field operations.
  • Users are no longer restricted according to network connectivity.
  • Third-party APIs are now being developed with partners in telematics and health and safety process management.

Reach Aware were very mindful of how we’d been previously let down. They took a professional and respectful approach without undermining the previous developers. They were honest and realistic about the problems we faced and decisive and timely with actions. All their advice was direct yet supportive and we very much appreciated their approach.

Ian Thomas, CEO of FMI